The TalentAnswers Approach Begins with You

After 28+ years of executive recruitment service, we’ve honed our unique talent searching process down to a science. To us, it’s a delicate balance of combing the market for talent, aligning the candidates with the requirements of our client companies, and combining numerous new personalities and organizations into one highly functioning unit.

How do we do it? Our proven process is based on trust and the one-on-one relationship we form with each client. Because we genuinely care about our clients’ futures and understand your need to win, we have maintained longevity due to the continuous success of every company we partner with.

Specializing in placing temporary and permanent executive positions, we’re excited for you to discover our customer-focused process and methodologies:

  1. Starting with an initial meeting, we begin the relationship with you as we work closely with decision-makers and managers to define your market position, and learn your corporate culture.
  2. Based on your key positions, we employ unique recruitment strategies tailored to your company’s specifications to determine the desired behaviors of your potential candidates.
  3. Then we develop a viable hiring and sourcing strategy to form a strong talent pool.
  4. Employing this customized sourcing strategy, we screen candidates and create a short list.
  5. We then assess these finalists using rigorous methodologies, after which we conduct behavioral interviews, run background checks, and commence training.
  6. Follow-up steps include executive feedback and on-the-job troubleshooting.
  7. Additional internal leadership strategies are engaged to maintain your company’s industry foothold.

We maintain an ongoing relationship with each of our clients, and we don’t stop searching until you are 100% satisfied. Not merely transactional, we are passionate about creating company-talent matches that work and last.

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