“Find something you love that you could do for Free”

That is one of the best pieces of career advice I could offer anyone confused about what they want to be or do. This philosophy has guided my career path and it is what ultimately led me to becoming a recruiter for over 28 years now. But my path was anything but conventional…

Many are surprised when I reveal that I hold 6 college degrees. Initially, I started out in the dental field as a dental assistant, and then moved on to become a dental hygienist. My end vision was to gain as much experience as possible in the dental field so that I could eventually move on to become a dentist. But when I realized the high overhead costs necessary to run a dental practice, I decided it was time to put my efforts into doing something else that I always wanted to do – so I switched gears.

During that time, I discovered my true passion: HR. It all began while I was in Kennesaw State University and joined the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) committee. When I joined, there were only a handful of us in our chapter. With a passion and strong determination to turn it all around, I started recruiting new members. And in lightening-speed, I took our small, inactive chapter and turned it into the largest chapter on the school campus. Because of this astonishing turnaround, I received an award for my accomplishment. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a recruiter.

Being a “people person”, helping people comes very naturally to me. It’s so natural that I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. And for 28 years now, I haven’t budged.

In an industry that has a very high turnover rate, I often get asked, “Why are you still doing it?”

I do it because I’m on a mission to help people so they can help their families. I will go to extraordinary limits to help. In fact, you will often catch me picking up the phone near midnight to serve job applicants and answer any questions they might have.

This year, I want to help serve job applicants and employers even more. So for a select few clients, I will be offering a new “temporary assignment” service.

Do you have temporary assignments that you would like to fill? Contact me here.

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