TalentAnswers Brings You the Best Talent in the Industry

Keema Small knows talent. With 28+ years of experience as an executive recruiter and consultant, she understands the power of seamless talent development and integration.

Since 2005, she’s made sure the goal of TalentAnswers is to provide fast, effective temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to Atlanta and across North America. She and her exceptional team of recruitment specialists are passionate about shaping the future of companies through proven methodologies designed to boost profits, globalize company strategies, and generate consistently higher output.

After years of contract recruiting, Keema knew she wanted to create an effective recruitment consulting firm that could adapt easily to the needs of any company, regardless of the industry. Subscribing to three models of recruitment, including contingent, retained, and project-based, Keema and her team provide a customized approach to each and every client.

The TalentAnswers Difference

TalentAnswers is founded on profound customer service. We truly learn and experience your company culture to accurately analyze your organizational system and strategic vision. After initial research and planning, we tailor each step of the process to the needs of our customers. What sets us apart is what paves the way for your company’s optimized success:

Engagement – Above all, we care about our clients and their future. More than just a placement service, we fit the very best talent to your exact specifications and industry competency standards.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We want all our clients to be 100% satisfied. This means that if you’re not happy with the talent recruitment results, we’ll keep searching until we find the perfect fit.

Unparalleled Experience – With 28+ years of experience standing behind the TalentAnswers name, our team brings a broad diversity of background across industries and niche markets.

Determination to Win – Just like our clients, we are driven by the desire to be at the top. Our determination to bring only the best to your workforce is reflected in the results our customers experience.

We’re excited to dive into a recruitment consultation with you. Call us today for more information or sign up for our newsletter to receive free tips and info about executive recruiting and careers in Atlanta.